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Tool Board Merchandising Program
Displaying the Proto® breadth of line is easier than ever with the Proto® Universal Tool Board Merchandising Program. Whether you have a compact 2’ or a large 40’ wall space in a show room or tool crib the Proto® Universal Tool Board Program will complete your need to build product awareness, organize, or control inventory.
Hang one or more Universal Tool Boards together to present your Proto®, Blackhawk by Proto® and Stanley® Tools. Use the Header System to strongly communicate whether they are Proto®, Blackhawk by Proto® or Stanley® Tools. Suspend wrenches, ratchets and pliers using Hooks. Consider a Tray to keep long thin vertical tools like Chisels or Screwdrivers upright and easy to identify. Place sockets on a Tray holding them in place on the magnetic tray mat (included).
® Universal Tool Board Merchandising Program Boards and Accessories are only available to be purchased on-line. To make a purchase go to the Login button in the top right corner of this page and register as a new user.
For more information on the Proto® Universal Tool Board Merchandising Program, contact your Proto® Sales Rep or our knowledgeable Customer Service Team at 1-800-800-TOOL or

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